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The St. Benedict’s Hall of Fame inducted 9 new members and the remarkable 1969-1970 track team at a dinner last night.  A full house gathered at Mayfair Farms to recognize these men who’ve left their marks on St. Benedict’s.  Click HERE to see all of the evening’s photos at

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The Gray Bee rowing team competed in its last regatta of the fall season today.  The Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta at West Windsor, NJ drew teams from across southern New England and the mid-Atlantic region.  Moving off the water, however doesn’t mean training ends.  They will have a winter of hard dry-land conditioning to prepare to get back on the water next spring.  Click HERE to see more photos at

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There was a lot going on at St. Benedict’s last week as the fall season of activities winds down.  Several of the week’s events are featured below with links to photos on VARSITY SOCCER had it’s last regular season game defeating Don Bosco Prep.  Click HERE for more of those photos.   The LOWER DIVISION SOCCER took a loss against Passaic that came down to the final minutes.  Click HERE for more of those photos.   The CROSS COUNTRY TEAM competed at the Essex County Championships with personal bests turned in by all runners.  Click HERE for more of those photos. The DRAMA GUILD is working on its production of Othello which runs November 19-22.  Click HERE for more of those photos....

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Varsity teams at St. Benedict’s are well-known for their successes.  Freshman and JV teams, however,  perform just as impressively.  Today, JV soccer defeated Bridgewater Rarity 6-0 bringing their season record to 11 wins and 2 draws.  To see more photos of today’s action, click HERE to go to

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It was an exciting evening in southern Pennsylvania where the Gray Bees took on Haverford School at Cabrini College.  The team was bolstered by a strong student fan section who made the trip.  St. Benedict’s defeated the nation’s #5 team 2-0.  Click HERE to see more photos at...

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