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The St. Benedict’s community celebrated a night at the opera this evening.  The event was the culminating project for 2016 in the year-long study of opera.  This experience was made possible by several St.Benedict’s faculty and the Metropolitan Opera.  Click HERE to see more photos of the night’s activities on...

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The students of Saint Benedict’s Prep were featured on the CBS News show -60 Minutes last night.  After almost a year in the making, this inspiring piece was unveiled to all the nation.  It’s refreshing to see a positive piece done about young men of color in a city like Newark that doesn’t see a lot of positive press for the accomplishments of its teenage residents.  If you didn’t get to see it last night, you can view it here.  And if you want to see more behind the scenes photos of what went into making this production, click HERE to see more at...

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The Gray Bee varsity basketball team came up big against Upper Room Christian Academy yesterday.  After a close game in the first quarter, the Benedict’s men opened up a lead, resulting in a 67-49 victory.  Click HERE to see more photos of the action at

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While a lot of people know about the accomplishments of the St. Benedict’s high school students, there is an equal amount of activity buzzing around the lower division (7th and 8th grade) kids.  On any given afternoon, these youngest Gray Bees are involved in wrestling, swimming, water polo, golf, basketball, fencing, soccer, and theater, just to name a few.  There are 75 kids who make up the lower division of St. Benedict’s Prep.  Today, the LD basketball team traveled to Elizabeth to compete against Einstein Middle School.  The young Gray Bees won a tough game with a final score of 77-73.  Click HERE to see more photos of the action at

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Documentaries have been made trying to understand it.  As well as books and news stories on major networks.  People come from around the world to understand it.  What’s the ‘it’?  We are often asked ‘why do guys from Benedict’s succeed high rates beyond their high school years?’  There’s no one answer. It happens in the classrooms, on the athletic fields, swimming pool, and in the confrontation of every-day-challenges that stand in the way.   Yesterday was one of those challenges.  Twenty-eight inches of snow fell in Newark and brought the city to a standstill. At. St. Benedict’s, recovery from snow storms falls to small crew of men in our facilities department and students in the student-led 520 Corp.  Thanks to their hard work today, we are set to have school tomorrow.  Benedict’s Hates a Quitter. This is what the scene looked like when they arrived at day break this morning:   These are some scenes from around the grounds when they were done. Click HERE for more pictures from the blizzard on

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