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What Did You Do To Show Your Red, White and Blue Today?

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Independence Day is one day that all Americans unite under the red, white and blue.  I spent the day in my hometown of Bristol, RI which has the longest running July 4 celebration in the country-more than 200 years running.  People here have some creative ways to rep their colors.  Through it all, it’s about celebrating the most important day in American history.

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It has been ten years since I launched

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It has been ten years since I launched where to buy Premarin in the uk.  Since then, this site has become the go-to destination for St. Benedict’s photography along with a variety of other projects I work on. In July of 2013 I began a year-long sabbatical that has just ended. Thus additions to this site over the past 12 months have been minimal. But you can expect them to resume with the beginning of the new school year in August.  And with the new year comes a redesign of this site. I hope you find it more visually appealing. The galleries have the same organization structure you are familiar with from the old site.

One feature in this site I think you will like is the ability to subscribe to updates via this blog. I encourage you to subscribe so you will be notified via email of the most recent updates.

To check out some new material, here is a link to a variety of work I did on my sabbatical. Here you will find photos from the US, South Africa, and Ecuador. I hope you enjoy them.

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Another thing I did on sabbatical was make short films about St. Benedict’s alums who were finishing up their college careers.  If you like stories of human achievement, then you will want to watch this series videos of videos titled Beyond The Hive.

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And lastly, here is a link to three short films I made in South Africa for some wonderful organizations doing important work in that country.

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I hope you enjoy the new face of Premarin no prescription.